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Xara Designer Pro


  商品編號: sys0145
  商品名稱: Xara Designer Pro X365 註冊版-圖形設計軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $200元
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Xara Designer Pro X365 註冊版-圖形設計軟件
Xara Designer Pro 是Xara開發的老牌圖形設計軟件,Xara Designer曾被譽為世界上速度最快的繪圖軟件。Xara Designer Pro是Xara出品的一套很棒的圖形圖像編輯處理軟件包,Xara Designer用來繪圖、處理圖像、製作WEB圖形,具有製圖速度快、軟件體積小、界面美觀等特點,被譽為世界上速度最快的繪圖軟件。

Xara Designer Pro X365 註冊版-圖形設計軟件

Xara Designer除了擁有極強繪圖能力外,Designer Pro 的另一個顯著特點就是能夠很方便的快速「生產」網頁圖片(支持類似Photoshop的切圖功能)。例如,你可以用Designer Pro 來製作網站的導航圖片,繪畫處理和修飾你的畫作,它擁有很友好、直觀的介面,因此,不需要你具備很專業的美工基礎,簡單的只需要點擊幾下滑鼠即可完成你的 作品,你還可以將它們發佈到網絡上面。從而把做圖變成了一件快樂的事情,Designer Pro 的操作簡單直觀的讓人難以置信。

用Xara Designer你可以自己畫一個按鈕放到你的網頁上面,或者從一個視頻中截取一段,然後把它們轉換成 GIF,等等……軟件的功能和其輸出的效果相當完美!

What's New in Xara Designer Pro X365:

Stick At Top
By popular demand, you will now have the option for an object to scroll to the top and then stick.

Enhanced 『On Reveal' Animations
On reveal animations were one of the hits of v11. These are animations that are triggered as your object comes into view, and we've added 40 new animation types that work on reveal, such as bounce, zoom and flip.

Parallax Scrolling Effects
The must-have effect for any contemporary site, parallax is a kind of 3D effect created by the background moving at a slower rate to the foreground.

New Scrolling Animations
We also have a completely new type of animation. You'll find 30 『scrolling animations' in the Reveal tab of the web animation dialog, which link an animation to the position of the scroll bar. Instead of the animation running once when the object first appears (like reveal animations), the object animates whenever the document is scrolled, and the speed of the animation is proportional to the scrolling speed.

Other Web Improvements
– A new and improved media player (by default it uses the HTML5 capabilities of the web browser to play the audio and video where the browser supports it, otherwise Flash)
– The preview window has been updated to include MS Edge preview (Windows 10)

Significant improvements since last year include:
– Dramatically improved editing features (add & delete objects, move & resize, add & delete pages)
– Bitmap export & download
– PDF export and download
– Create New Document (yes, your document no longer needs to be created in Web Designer!)