ACDSee 20.1 Build 587 x86/x64

ACDSee 20.1 Build 587 x86/x64


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  商品名稱: ACDSee 20.1 Build 587 x86/x64 註冊版附註冊機- 圖片管理與瀏覽
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ACDSee 20.1 Build 587 x86/x64 註冊版附註冊機- 圖片管理與瀏覽
ACDSee 20正式發佈了,ACDSee 20的用戶界面做了很大改進,啟動速度更快,效率更高,該軟件的用戶界面提供了方便的各種工具和功能,您可以使用瀏覽,查看,編輯和管理您的照片和媒體文件。軟件包括六種模式:管理模式、照片模式、瀏覽模式、編輯模式,365模式和儀表板模式。更兼容Windows 10和Windows 7。

ACDSee 20.1 Build 587 x86/x64 註冊版附註冊機- 圖片管理與瀏覽

讓 ACDSee 20成為您日益龐大的相集的一站式管理中心。用最適合您的方式來管理圖片,即使計算機中存儲了上千張圖片,也不會再出現找不到圖片的情況。借助一款簡單易用的產品中集合的各種省時省力工具,玩轉規模日益增長的圖片集。與其它圖片軟件不同,ACDSee 20 採用的不是拘泥不變的單一體系。用最合適您的方式來管理圖片,確保對全局的掌控。

The ACDSee user interface provides easy access to the various tools and features you can use to browse, view, edit, and manage your photos and media files. ACDSee consists of six modes: Manage mode, Photos mode, View mode, Edit mode, 365 mode, and Dashboard mode.

Manage Mode
Manage mode is the main browsing and managing component of the user interface, and is what you see when you start ACDSee using the shortcut icon on your desktop. In Manage mode, you can find, move, preview, and sort your files, and access organization and sharing tools.

Manage mode consists of 15 panes, most of which can be closed when not in use. The File List pane is always visible, and displays the contents of the current folder, the results of your latest search, or the files in your database that match your filtering criteria. A status bar at the bottom of the Manage mode window displays information about the currently selected file, folder, or category.

ACDSee 20.1 Build 587 x86/x64 註冊版附註冊機- 圖片管理與瀏覽

You can open and close panes, move them to different areas of your screen, and stack them on other panes or dock them to the edge of the window. Most panes also have additional options you can set to further customize their behavior and appearance.

Manage mode also features a toolbar and a set of drop-down menus. The toolbar provides buttons for your home folder, and for navigating forwards and backwards through your folders. The drop-down menus provide quick access to the most common tasks.

Photos Mode
Photos mode can be used to view your entire image collection by date. You can view them by year, month, or day. If you have Microsoft OneDrive you can toggle viewing your OneDrive image collection along with the image collection on your hard drive, or just your hard drive collection on its own. Photos mode only displays images that have been cataloged. Images in Photos mode are displayed by the date they were taken, as indicated in the images' EXIF data.

Photos mode consists of two panes, the Date pane and Timeline pane. The Date pane displays all of your cataloged photo collection by date. The Timeline pane displays the year and month of your photos and how many photos are in each. You can also select individual images to launch them in other modes.

View Mode
In View mode you can play media files and display images in full resolution, one at a time. You can also open panes to view image properties, display areas of an image at varying magnifications, or examine detailed color information.

ACDSee 20.1 Build 587 x86/x64 註冊版附註冊機- 圖片管理與瀏覽

You can open View mode by selecting an image and clicking on the View mode tab, and you can use the Filmstrip in View mode to flip quickly between all of the files in a folder. View mode contains a toolbar with shortcuts to commonly-used commands, and a status bar at the bottom of the window, which displays information about the current image or media file.

Edit Mode
Edit mode works on the image data already rendered to RGB. Edits are independently applied to the converted RGB data in the order that you do them. This chain editing gives you full control over the pixels, allowing creative freedom to apply precise adjustments. This makes operations such as selections and blend modes possible.

ACDSee 20.1 Build 587 x86/x64 註冊版附註冊機- 圖片管理與瀏覽

365 Mode
365 mode provides an easy way to upload images to to share with your contacts or the public. In 365 mode, you can select the images on your computer and then drag and drop them directly into

Dashboard Mode
Dashboard mode allows you to quickly access and browse file, camera, and database statistics based on your ACDSee database and EXIF information. As Dashboard mode relies on information derived from your database, it is important to catalog in order to get the most out of it.