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  商品編號: DVDXX16342
  商品名稱: Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 1.0.4 x64 Multilingual 一款非常出色的視頻優化軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro 1.0.4 x64 Multilingual 一款非常出色的視頻優化軟件
Ashampoo 視頻優化器(video optimizer pro)可以有效改善你的視頻質量。可以很輕鬆地穩定鏡頭搖晃,優化對比度和顏色或銳化剪輯。 輕鬆去除數字噪音和閃光。創建慢動作或時間推移效果,並通過單擊按鈕修復鏡頭失真。使用內置編輯器旋轉、裁剪或合併你的視頻。

Icon: dot 適用於手機視頻,運動相機,數碼相機和無人機
Icon: dot 高性能圖像穩定
Icon: dot 不再有鏡頭扭曲:自動清除魚眼
Icon: dot 卓越的清晰度和色彩,帶來全新的視覺體驗
Icon: dot 漂亮的慢動作和時間流逝效果令人歎為觀止
Icon: dot 即使是沒有準備好的拍攝也有完美的曝光和對比度設置
Icon: dot 傾斜移動等令人驚嘆的效果,帶來更個性化的觸感
Icon: dot 降噪和去雜讓視頻更清晰
Icon: dot 通過內置編輯器輕鬆旋轉和編輯視頻
Icon: dot 通過批處理節省時間

Ashampoo Video Optimizer Pro is the effective solution to enhance the quality of your videos. Stabilize shaky footage super easily, optimize contrasts and colors or sharpen your clips. Remove digital noise and flicker with incredible ease. Create slow motion or time lapse effects and fix lens distortions at the click of a button. Use the built-in editor to rotate, crop or merge your videos.

Benefits at a glance
• Perfect for cellphone videos, action cams, digital cameras and drones
• High-performance image stabilization
• No more lens distortions: Automatic fisheye removal
• Superior sharpness and colors for a totally new visual experience
• Nifty slow motion and time lapse effects for breath-taking results
• Perfect exposure and contrast settings even for unlucky shots
• Stunning effects like tilt-shift for a more personal touch
• Noise reduction and deflickering for clear and crisp videos
• Rotate and edit videos with incredible ease through built-in editor
• Save time with batch-processing
Enhance your video quality and auto-adjust colors and contrasts. After just a few clicks, your clips will look more vibrant, realistic and captivating. The white balance feature can make your videos feel warmer or colder while individual brightness, saturation, shadow and light settings add a personal touch to your recordings. Breathe new life even into mediocre cellphone clips!......