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  商品編號: DVDXX16336
  商品名稱: Ashampoo Backup 2020 12.06 (x64) Multilingual 備份軟件
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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Ashampoo Backup 2020 12.06 (x64) Multilingual 備份軟件
你不是也遇到過 Windows 無法啟動而只能看到一個黑屏,那麼您一會知道定期備份的價值。並且這很簡單哦!只有定時備份才能保護您免受勒索軟件、系統或磁盤損壞造成的數據丟失。備份軟件 Ashampoo Backup 2020 可以保證文件萬無一失。只需點擊幾下,程序即可備份和恢復整個分區和磁盤。包含自動備份以及救援系統,讓您無懼數據丟失!........

If you ever sat in front of a black screen because Windows refused to boot, you know the price of backups. And it's so simple - save your data! Back up entire partitions with just a few clicks, and restore your files in the event of a system failure — this is what Ashampoo® Backup 2020 has to do. The application was specifically designed to do the hard work for you. This means security without the need for user interaction or system shutdown. It's simple! It is fast! It is reliable!

Install, configure, ready
Ashampoo® Backup 2020 takes care of everything you need for backup and restore. Just select the disk partition, save location and time - that's all! From now on, Ashampoo® Backup 2020 will back up your files securely in the background. Maximum security with minimal cost, without the need for special knowledge.

Ready for unexpected situations.
Restoring backups is as simple as creating them. Recover your files with Ashampoo® Backup 2020 or use a rescue disk / USB flash drive in case of your system to quickly and reliably recover your data. You can also view and restore individual files in Windows Explorer. Nothing is easier!

The most advanced backup technology
Thanks to incremental backup technology, your backups are always the latest, and take up 50% less disk space than backups created by competing products. You can easily create even huge archives, thanks to the support of hard drives with a capacity of more than 2 TB. And during each backup process, all data is checked to eliminate possible errors, even in complex backups.

Full speed to your PC
A good backup solution should not interfere with your daily PC work. That is why Ashampoo® Backup 2020 pauses its work whenever your PC is actively used. And if not, you will hardly notice.

- Fully automated data backup
- Backup and restore any file with ease
- Backup and restore the entire operating system
- Strong encryption to protect your privacy
- User friendly and intuitive
- Huge space savings due to maximum compression
- Intuitive, not requiring technical knowledge
- Easy data recovery through the program or Windows Explorer
- Boot disk emergency boot with a complete system failure
- Without slowing down the computer, automatically pause the backup if necessary

Where can I save backups?
- Local hard drives
- Network data storage (NAS)
- Removable storage devices
- Any cloud provider with WebDAV support

How are backups created?
- Disk image (backup images to restore your Windows system)
- Full (backup of the entire system with easy data recovery)
- Incremental (backups are 50% less thanks to Infinite Reverse Incremental Backup technology)
- Versioning (automatically saving file history)
- Proactive backup (the process pauses automatically when processor load is high)
- Automatic synchronization (background service)

Other features:
- Windows based disaster recovery system
- Intuitive control (does not require technical knowledge)
- Various assistants
- Task Scheduler
- Virtual drive function (direct access to backup images)
- Check the integrity of the data (to prevent the appearance of copies with errors)
- Bug reports
- Creating backup copies of hard drives larger than 2 TB
- Advanced Scheduler
- Adaptive sleep monitoring during backup
- Emergency boot disk (flash drive or CD) based on Linux with cloud support

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