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  商品編號: DVDXX16306
  商品名稱: JixiPix Chromatic Edges 1.0.4 一款功能強大的圖像個性化邊緣效果
  光碟片數: 1片
  銷售價格: $100元
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JixiPix Chromatic Edges 1.0.4 一款功能強大的圖像個性化邊緣效果
JixiPix Chromatic Edges彩色邊緣軟件是一款功能強大的圖像個性化邊緣效果,使用將為您帶來無限的照片邊緣,您只需要輕鬆的幾個點擊就能得到一個具有藝術效果的照片邊緣,如玻璃,銀色和紙質照片處理等,絕對會非常的精美且特別,您擁有的選擇將是無限的,您將輕鬆為任意一個照怕添加一些舊式的照片藝術效果,你只需要簡單的幾步操作就能夠得到一個理想中的效果,藝術攝影風格將會輕鬆且簡單,豐富的邊緣央視可供選擇,數千個精心繪製的邊緣,強大的技術,深度學習算法將讓軟件自動學習如何創建這些效果,而您之需要選擇喜歡的效果就好。

JixiPix takes vintage to a whole new extreme. Gone are the days of having a few tiny choices when it comes to adding flare to your imagery. Chromatic Edges brings back the subtle magic of photo processing with glass, silver and paper plates all with a few taps and your unique photo.

Chromatic Edges
It’s all about the edge! There is something artistic about the old days of plate photography. The silky smooth images and fabulously artistic edges are just amazing to look at.

Before the days of digital or film photography, photographers had to process their images using glass plates, metal plates, and paper to get their final image. These processes took tremendous skill and passion to produce the final product. Some of the processing techniques even required the processing of the glass plate within minutes of taking the photograph. Boy have times changed!

Until today you had only a few choices if you wanted to recreate some of the old-style photo art. You would pick a stock photo and blend it into your photography. And since there are only a few choices you were left with your artwork starting to look oh-so-familiar. Chromatic Edges changes all that and gives you unlimited artistic photography styles while only taking a few steps to create...........